Monday, April 14, 2008


1. Put just enough money for a day or two in your wallet.
This is very effective in curbing impulse buys.

2. Wait 7 days before buying.

You may be surprised at how often something appears much less attractive after you walk away from it.

3. Bring a water bottle with you whenever convenient.
Buying a drink or two when you're not at home can add up to quite a lot of money.

4. Cut down on sweets and snacks.
Not only will you save money, you'll be healthier too!

5. Get a library card.
Nowadays, many libraries are well-stocked not just with books, but also DVDs and CDs. You can also read your favourite magazines at the library.

6. Love shopping? Develop an interest in bargain-hunting.
It makes me feel really clever if I manage to find something for a lot less than what other people paid. And it's also lots of fun hunting for unusual things (which don't necessarily cost a lot) at garage sales or flea markets, rather than always buying at the shopping mall, where you're likely to get exactly the same thing that your friends already have.

7. Find interests besides hanging out at the shopping centre or mall at the weekend.
Try various activities to see what you enjoy. For example, if you get a kick out of volunteering, do that. Or if you're creative, why not develop art and design projects, or make crafts, or write. It can very liberating to be able to express yourself in your own way. Gardening can be a joy as well, if you love plants. If you enjoy working up a sweat, try participating in group sports -- you'll have fun, and make friends too.

8. Spend your spare time earning money, not spending it.
It can actually be fun to work. Try to find something you enjoy. If you love kids, why not tutor or babysit. One of the best jobs I ever had was working at a golf club (in the locker-room). I enjoyed the routine of cleaning -- it was a good change from studying, and the physical work actually made me more energetic. Love pets? Find a job at a vet or a pet shop, perhaps.

9. Find something you want, and save towards it.
Think of something you really like and want, and plan to save towards it. It should be something that excites you -- perhaps that MP3 player you've always wanted, or a laptop computer. Having a goal will help you cut down on frivolous spending and impulse buys.

10. Think up ways to save money.
Come up with any good ones? Do share with us on this blog.

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