Sunday, May 4, 2008


In my earlier post on Long-Term Goals, I mentioned that Education is one of the most important long-term goal for a young person, as educational level usually correlates with higher earnings in adult working life.

Along the same line of thinking, start studying marketing right now, even if you don't aspire to a career in sales.


I've observed that marketing is a skill that's extremely useful in everyday life:

1. INCREASES YOUR EARNINGS. We need it to learn how to make the best impression on employers, and thus get the best raises come review time. We need it to sell our ideas to management.

2. HELPS YOU TO COMMUNICATE YOUR BEST QUALITIES. Marketing and especially branding skills can help us to identify our best qualities, and communicate clearly to others who we are, and what our abilities are.

3. HELPS YOU WISE UP TO TRICKS AND TRAPS MARKETERS USE ON YOU. Knowledge of marketing skills and techniques also enable us to spot the tricks and traps that marketers use on us, and thus help us to save money in the long run. For example, when you sell a house, know that the aim of the agent (despite his or her sales pitch) is usually not to get the best deal for you, but to make the most commission with the use of least resources on their part.

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